Complexity in Energy Systems

The ongoing energy transition, shifting energy production towards renewable and sustainable sources, poses several complex challenges to the energy system: Centralized generation is replaced by decentralized one; power balance is supported by demand side control actions; wind, photovoltaic and electromobility introduce additional fluctuations; and many more changes are taking place. These substantial changes involve many interacting and heterogeneous units, giving rise to emergent behavior and challenging for a complex system science perspective. In this interdisciplinary satellite, we bring together participants approaching these challenges from different backgrounds, including control theory, energy economics, statistical physics, machine learning and complex networks research.

This satellite conference is a part of CCS 2020.



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Important dates:

  • Satellite dates: 9-10 December 2020

The satellite is organized by:

  • Benjamin Schäfer
  • Christian Beck
  • Frank Hellmann
  • Jürgen Kurths

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